Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Fridge - Just What You Wanted to See

Because I'm a weirdo, I've taken this photo of the inside of my refrigerator. It's clean and organized; it still has a lot of bottles...that is the bane of the tidy fridge. Bottle of sauces, condiments, curries, dressing, jams, and what-nots. I threw out as much as  could, but I am practical and do not like to throw out things I paid for, so I'm going to try to cook from these bottles for the month of January, and at the end of the month, throw out what we couldn't use.

On trial are the lazy susan' the 2nd photo. If you look closely - they take up some space, but they allow for all the bottles in the back to be seen and used more easily. I'll let you know if they are a go or not. They were purchased at SuperStore.

This last picture is of my DISASTER of a spice cupboard. It's on the agenda for this week, so I will post an AFTER photo soon:) Time to throw out old, outdated spices!

On another note:

I visited at Jen's and Eli's tonight and had to laugh so hard with Isabelle - she was so DARLING! She's such a charming little toddler - she was throwing out all kinds of words tonight, as if she learned a hundred words in the last week, and smiling so much! She is so happy. Her mom looks so beautiful with her pregnancy - just so lovely. It was very fun. Then we ate at Tres Carnales in downtown Edmonton, wow, that is good Mexican food! They serve better tacos than I've sampled in Los Cabos. 

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