Friday, January 11, 2013

Not Fancy

So I finally tackled the spice cupboard; threw out all the outdated herbs and spices, and I had an odd habit of not labelling spices so that I had to smell the contents of a jar in order to identify the contents - something I couldn't always assuredly do! So I finally (how did I make it so far with out this!) bought a labeller and believe you me, you need this. They are inexpensive b/c much like printers, the manufacturers make their money on the tape you buy for it. I did own one long ago but they are much easier to use now.

Next I placed an order at the The Silk Road in Calgary for replacement spices and herbs - which has yet to arrive, but I bought only very small amounts as it's easier to replenish on a regular basis and have fresh herbs and spices. If you ever get a chance to stop at  their physical shop, it's well worth it - it's a charming shop with a very kind of bazaar, market kind of feel, and they stock fresh and unusual herbs and spices, spice blends, books, and graters and grinders. Their staff know everything. Here's their link: There are some things that will go in the garbage once the new spices arrive, like the large containers of taco spice and Italian herbs up on the third shelf, but I need those until the fresh is here.

I boxed up for some lucky recipient at Value Village the light pink Tupperware spice rotating thingy I've had since I lived in Wabasca 30 years ago! In comparing the two photos, I'm not sure it looks much better b/c I decided to use what I had for bottles and containers. I spent the money on the labeller and the the new spices, so it's not fancy but is refreshed and streamlined, and labelled!

I'm interested in how you store your spices and herbs!

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Just tell me you cleaned out the Christmas decorations. Good grief.