Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Scarves...One Good Thing about the end of Summer

More scarves many of which were gifts from friends and family...the 2nd one from the top is a lovely scarf from my mom - a gift for my birthday, the there's the orange fringe scarf from Sorour, and the next one down, pink, from my sweet cousin Brenda. The bottom too are gossamer thin cashmere scarves from Restoration Hardware's after Christmas sale last season - they are the most wonderful endless loop scarves - perfect for my next visit to Iran b/c they are so light and airy...and breathable. I get hot with a scarf on all the time!

I love scarves, even though I'm not technically a 'scarf' person in terms of wearing them in fancy ways, I still like to recall where they came from and they look so nice on the shelf! It's a refrain of mine... "look at all the pretty colours!"  I do wear them too, I promise!

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