Monday, October 7, 2013


Oh my! This was once a treat that for it to be truly authentic, one had to travel on the craziest road on earth from Tehran, to the Caspian Sea. Now, lo and behold, it can be purchased at the new Persian Bakery found right here in Edmonton, Alberta. It was glorious, and delicious. This particular Kloocheh was brought in, I'm pretty sure, from Vancouver, but I am assured by the non-English speaking baker that he will be making them from scratch in-house within a week or two of opening. Good thing I know Farsi. They had walnut, coconut and one other filling, that escapes me presently, but the taste was divine.

Sorry, I've forgotten the name of the bakery, but it's next to the newly relocated  Sabzy restaurant at 9314-34 Ave. Edmonton.  Sabzy is a great restaurant, that while on Whyte Ave. was too expensive. The food is wonderful, and one can only hope that they will be able to offer lower pricing - b/c let's face it, no matter how good, $50 for two to eat lunch isn't going to happen too often. 

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