Friday, May 4, 2012

Things to Read & Watch

I have some entertainment recommendations, some of which you may have seen or read already, because these have all been 'out' for a while, but I have just discovered them.


1. John Adams DVD's - a series. OUTSTANDING in every possible way. No crocheting or checking your phone with this one, you will need to pay attention. Also, you'll need about 7 hours :)

2. Downtown Abbey - Seasons 1 & 2. "Austenesqe (though set in early 1900's) Soap Opera - delicious.


A trilogy by Pamela Aidan:
1. An Assembly Such as This

2. Duty & Desire

3. These Three Remain

I know, Jane Austen knock offs are rarely good, or even passable, but this trilogy is worth every tree that it took to produce it. The story is told from the position of Darcy. The books combine a mix of the original story, where possible, and Pamela Aidan's own plot where the Austen left gaps. I don't love the entire set equally, in fact I would give the first book 4/5 stars, the second 3/5, and the fourth 5/5 stars. By the end I thought I was going to die if the book ended. It did end, and I am still here, but I finished it a month or so ago and I am still mourning its finish. It's so lovely to read a book with writing as close to Austen's as possible. Pamela Aidan does an admirable job of word choice and turns of phrase that are consistent with the original. There is a strange sort of mystical twist in the 2nd book that I could live very well without, hence the drop in 'stars' for book 2.


Jenn said...

I LOVE Pamela Aidan's Darcy series - I have read them twice and I am always sad when I finish. I'm like you, the second book was ok, but the third one makes up for it!

Royall said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! As soon as I get to that stage of life again when every precious moment of spare time isn't spent sleeping I'll check into these. My sweet sister-in-law has been coming over in the late evenings to help with the first baby feeding of the night and we've just finished all the Downton episodes. They were so engrossing I didn't even mind staying up late!