Friday, May 11, 2012

Early Bird

A person would have to get up awfully early to beat Jared to the worm...he is ridiculously diligent with important days such as Mother's and Father's day, birthdays, and the like. He thinks big (creatively) too...there are no 'socks' or 'chocolates' from this thoughtful son. He is the purest person I know...I love him so much. I am so lucky that I get to see Jared every day, and that we do fun things together, like learning, road trips, eating out, and cooking cauliflower soup, starting a business, talking politics, and planning our football game for the season. Now we are trying to get in to a Dennis Miller/Bill O'Reilly show while we are in South Carolina in September. I have such a great life.

Though, speaking of early birds....Mark has installed Dad's Father's day gift already in the garage...Dad will see his gift tonight. I wonder if Mark is going to give me Dad's gift for Mother's day?? Haha. I also had the perfect opportunity to share an afternoon with Mark this week. It happened spontaneously, the best way, though after a heart felt prayer for him that very morning, and we had the best, best day...really connecting. Mark carry's his own load - not letting on even if it's getting heavy. Do you know what I was truly thankful for? That I was here to be in the right place at the right time to listen. If I had a job outside I just wouldn't have been here. How often does this happen, that I find I am thankful that I was home? Nearly every. single. day. I would miss so many moments, even though my kids are grown; my daughter-in-law coming over to sew, making persian food with Mark's girlfriend Mariah, having Sarra call with good news or a question about something, running an errand for or going for lunch with Eli, learning fun things with my grandkids and taking their calls (which can be a time commitment given that there are four kids that can dial!) (Ezra and Isa don't call me yet:), going to the pool with my little grand daughter Isabelle, and being here when my big, beautiful, sweet sons need an ear or a hand. I owe this amazing privilege to my husband, who has made it possible. I should celebrate him on Mother's Day, because he has made that role possible for me. What an amazing guy - he has always been happy to know that I am home to take care of whatever comes. He's been there for me every single step of the way. Did I say I have a great life? 
I really, really do. 


Royall said...

This post is so beautiful and womanly. You are an awesome example of motherhood to me Aunt Elizabeth!

Lew said...

Hey Elizabeth! What will you be in SC for in September? What city? We live in Columbia, SC and if you are nearby, it would be fun to see you! Loved this post!

Elizabeth said...

Visiting Myrtle Beach - I'll have to get the map out to see where that is in relation to columbia:))

Jennifer Dehghani said...

This posts makes me so happy to be part of this wonderful family. xox