Friday, May 11, 2012


"The least strained and most natural ways of the soul are the most beautiful; the best occupations are the least forced."  Michel Montaigne

This means do what you love! It applies perfectly to home schooling, but also to the rest of us; life is too short to be trying to undertake pursuits that we don't really love. Follow your heart, learn anything and open, but if you find you're not into it, let it go, and move on to something else you do love. You may find that you enjoy learning a little about everything...I am most like this I think, falling short of being a full on expert in anything.

On a different note...this morning was home school day with my grandchildren...I love this time with them. In fact, once we turn on Skype or iChat and the picture begins to open, the anticipation of  seeing them all there smiling and happy is wonderful! All of a sudden there they all are! We always clap happily! It's almost as good as when I hear them coming through the back door, but not quite! Today we only had 30 min. which was just enough time to get started on our new topic of American History. There are so many areas to cover; event's, people etc. Because we had such a short day we decided to write to President Obama, so they got their envelopes addressed and stamped...and this week the assignment is to talk to their Dad and get some idea's about a question, concern or suggestion they might have for the President, and write their letter. We;ll read them next week, and then mail them and hope for a response. They are always excited to do whatever I plan - they are so pleasant and eager to learn anything - we always have fun, and I love it! This fits in very well with 'do what you love'!

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