Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11 Foods

white bread
plain yoghurt
vanilla ice cream

11 foods

This cart, at the grocery store, belongs to a man in his mid fifties. He's probably of middle eastern descent, maybe Iranian. He's a simple, honest person. Hard-working and sensitive. He loves his family, and shows it through his good works. He's uncomplaining, likes to stay home, enjoys working at home,  and watching t.v. He also likes to sleep. He has soft brown eyes, a quick laugh; he teases but not unmercifully. He can be antsy due to his nicotine habit, so he disappears regularly to smoke. One minute he's there, the next he's gone. The anxiety of needing to smoke is catching up to him as he gets older, and he knows he needs to quit. He is brilliant in some ways and almost simple in others, but this simplicity is a ruse - he's always thinking more deeply than you give him credit for, yet he isn't a planner. Planning frustrates him...he doesn't plan his next turn while driving down the street. The surest way to ruffle his feathers is to ask him to plan a trip - this exercise will irritate him  no end, but he will thoroughly enjoy said trip when it comes time. He is deeply loyal to his wife, and she can trust him. He loves her, and protects her, and has devoted his life to her, and she to him.

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