Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Concert 2012

For Christmas this year, the Eaton's gave us a Christmas concert; the likes of which I was barely able to get through without crying all the way through. Crying for how they've grown, so accomplished, and  for how they won't be the way they were that very day, again. Crying for Jane's beautiful voice and for her impeccable timing at the cello, for Charlie's earnestness showing in the line of his shoulders at the piano, for Jacob strumming his ukelele just right, for Scarlet just because she is such a little girl.  I honestly loved every minute. There were recitations of poems by heart, dance moves (Scarlet's hula), ukelele, piano and cello solos and duets, original composing and playing, and then  beautiful bows and curtsies at the end. This was no easy feat, because all the books, music, instruments, and clothes had to be packed up to Edmonton. The children had made a lovely program, which I will try to include a photo of, and dressed up for the event. Baba watched from work on Skype, but I had a
 front row seat and was so happy and amazed, and truly just so tender! My heart was so very tender. 

The final bows and curtsies!

Hats that I ordered for all the children for their snow-boarding vacation from a seller on Etsy - these hats were very well made, and just the cutest! We're missing Ezra's here, and Isabelle's, but suffice it to say that they were all amazing! Here's the link:

Christmas morning breakfast!
These were tasty, and super easy to make. I would have added to my 'goals' - I am loathe to call them that, because then I won't want to do them, but in any case - cooking something new each month, but I am not sure I want to be accountable for that one.


Charlie composed this piece, and Jane collaborated.

The videos were difficult to upload, and my camera didn't do the best job either - but you get the idea:)) The one I really wanted to add wouldn't load, but I think these will appear on Sarra's YouTube Channel: eventually.

THANK YOU Jane, Charlie, Jacob, Scarlet, Sarra and Timmy (and Ezzie b/c your're cute)!!!!! 
Much love!

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