Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Persepolis - Homeschool Day

You are welcome to visit - when you see 'Home School Day' the pics are actually for me to use for my homeschool day with my grandchildren - but you are welcome to have a look:) 


                                                                    Xerxes Tomb

The grand road leading to and from Persepolis, which is actually called Takhte Jamshid in Iran.

                                            Yummy drink that cools, and faloudeh ice cream.

The hole for a door hinge! It's huge! A hinge this size for a massive door.


Anonymous said...

These photos are incredible! The scale of everything looks huge. It must have been even that much better to experience it in person.

Elizabeth said...

Outside of seeing family, our trip to Shiraz was the visual highlight of the trip for me. I can't believe that I was really there. We saw other amazing sights in Shiraz like the Hafez and Saadi mausoleums -both famous Iranian poets, and many other sites like a truly huge, meandering bazaar, that was crazy...there is a lot to see and experience over there, for sure.

Anonymous said...

More penguin cloth bounds are on their way; Bleak House, Hard times, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion.