Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Anyone know how to shrink this image to fit?? My new years resolution, learn how to shrink images to fit my blog:-)

We're having a clean up day today - feels good. I love to clear Christmas stuff out! Don't know why - but the tree is always the first thing to get turfed... on boxing day:-) It's like moving all the farm animals out in the fable of the woman who's home was too small. Everything feels bigger and more spacious:-) What I do like to hold on to is the wonderful Christmas spirit...which is aided by removing the superficial clutter.


Royall said...

Mom always likes to take her Christmas things done fast too. This year she asked if it was okay to take the tree down on Christmas Day. I can remember my mom vacuuming the empty spot where the tree previously stood on Christmas Days past but she was a good sport and left it up until Boxing Day this year.

Elizabeth said...

I know she does - it's one (among many) of the quirks and traits we share.