Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it Possible to Get Enough of these Books?

There is a link to view the Coralie Bickford-Smith designed Penguin Classics in greater detail...these books seriously make me happy. Here is the link:

The latest ones, seen above, are now available in the UK, and I have managed to find 5 of them at my local Chapters (Canada) for a paltry $14.99. In chatting with a sales person there, these books are wildly popular with upwards of 60 units per title being ordered. There are only a trickle of titles remaining from the first set - Kamoops and Sherwood Park are good locations for picking up some of that first set. What a find.

I tried to surprise my niece with a title from the latest offering - me thinking that with a new pregnancy, work, and distance from the city, that I could delight her with a copy of Little Women, in the mail. But no way jose...she was all over the new ones, and had one that I did not find...blast, as Sarra would say. Sorry Royall, but I sure did try.


Royall said...

Sorry to wreck your surprise but thanks for the thought! Did the lady you talked to know why only 5-6 titles are available right now? I can't rest until my collection is complete.

Elizabeth said...

I checked, believe you me. One of the problems is that Chapters is cataloging them differently this time around, they're not under 'deluxe hardback'. So they have a time looking them up. I think you have the same 6 I have, we're missing the Sonnets, Odyssey, Oliver Twist, and The Woman in White. If you see them, let me know:-)
Love you.