Monday, October 19, 2009

CM Love at Pigeon Lake

Just came home to some very sad personal news...truly tragic. I have upset sons, reflective and heavy hearted - not in our own family but close friends. Can't delve into that, but it has kept me thinking tonight about what I do with and through CM. I've been at my CM Pigeon Lake retreat (2/year) where not only do I work on my family's albums, stories and histories, but I have forged friendships with my peers and clients, that have been very long lasting, and important to me in my life in and outside of CM. Many of these ladies are dear friends that I have known for years long as 15 years or so. I love them, and appreciate them. We have so much fun together, and we learn from one another. We laugh a lot all weekend, and this last one was no exception. It's balm to my soul and this Sunday evening, with my own heart heavy laden for dear, dear friends...I have drawn on that balm from the weekend. I hope that this week, I will be able to share some of that comfort and love with my friends who are hurting tonight. I am very thankful for my business, for the blessings it has brought in the form of lovely friends, as well as completed albums.

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