Thursday, January 15, 2009

Children & Grandchildren...

I love my children and grandchildren so a really satisfying way - they are just wonderful to me. I love to look at them, spend time with them, talk to them, listen to them, and in the case of the grandchildren, I love to smell them...they smell so good. This is an olfactory characteristic that my kids will remember about me...Jared has it too. He will often take a lingering whiff of his food before tasting it...I'm not that bad! But when it comes to the kids....they are yummy to me. I will get to see them on the 26th of Jan. and I have all kinds of fun planned. We will play games, build a fort, bake, swim in the hot tub with toques on, read together, and whatever else we can think of. I can't wait.

Yet it's not just the little kids... I thrive on my adult children too...they are such amazing people, all of them. So diverse yet all share some tenderness (tender hearts for all), honesty, generosity...and they are all very intelligent and funny both. Eli is daring (he just bought a 40 ft. sailboat to travel down to Honduras in) and so affectionate. Sarra is an incredibly accomplished mother - she is truly amazing. Her lovely children show this all day every day. She is soft and strong both - a marvelous combination. Timmy is already becoming and I expect will be a rock for our family - he is so steady and sure. We love him! absolute joy to be around - he is sensitive in the kindest way and a gentle soul, we love his quirks. Mark is someone I honestly relate to...he undesrtands me so well - I'm sure we would be friends if we were not relatives. We share a love of travel, we actually have quite a few things in common, and he has fantastic taste!!! Some girl is going to be very lucky some day. I just had to share this...a friend mentioned something about our Christmas photo today, and I pulled it out to have a look again. Heavenly Father was very wise and so very generous with us when he organized us into families. Waxing poetic about my loved ones is so easy! I could go on all day long. I will talk about the love of my life another day:-)

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