Monday, October 29, 2012

Chess Obsession

 Thanks to Jacob and Charlie the entire family is Chess obsessed! We are all playing like mad...Dad, me, Mark, Mariah, Jen, Eli, Jacob and Charlie of course, Sarra and's seriously so fun. Today Eli stopped in to borrow a chess set to take home tonight...he had been undefeated since Thanksgiving (I was the only one to get a stalemate) but tonight I got a text saying that Jen had won a game..."finally" she said. It's been a really great family game night 'thing' to do.

We have this awesome chess board that I bought for Manochehr last year for Christmas (for the flip side of Backgammon, which we are also playing - again Charlie and Jacob picked up in record time, within the confines of the first game)! It's been fun for everyone to be learning together...I kind of new how to play, I knew what the pieces could do, but I haven't played much. We are all keen to learn more strategy now. The chess game came from Restoration Hardware. Here is the link:

Here is ours...this is really fun, worth every penny - the scale makes the play significant and I swear it makes you play better!

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