Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keep Guacamole Fresh & Wheat Belly

OK, so this is a random post on guacamole, which we have been eating liberally this week. What is the bane of guacamole? It's very difficult to store for I looked it up and found this solution at:

But I'll just tell you b/c it's so easy!

1. Put the remaining guacamole in the smallest bowl possible that it will fit while leaving a small lip.
2. Smooth it out flat as possible with a spoon.
3. Carefully smooth out a layer of sour cream on top, sealing up the edges to the bowl. No guacamole should be visible. (I used a thin later).
4. Cover with plastic wrap, starting at the middle and smoothing out to the edges...try to seal out all the air you can.
5. Put in the fridge.

We pulled this out of the fridge later to perfect guacamole!

I could post all the day about what I've been learning about wheat and gluten, if you are interested two of the books I have been reading are Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and Living Gluten-Free for Dummies by Danna Korn, both of which are easy reading and SUPER interesting.

There is a blog by Dr. Davis here: and another amazingly helpful blog on gluten-free recipes/living here:

There are compelling reasons, according to my reading, for learning about gluten and wheat even if you do not have Celiac disease, or wheat sensitivities - all laid out in the books mentioned here. There can be affects on joints, allergies, fibromyalgia (my interest), chubby bellies (also my interest:), blood sugar (!), cholesterol, and other areas, for example ADD and Autism. Read the books and decide for yourself.

It's been about a week or two so far, and I am finding it pretty easy, though I still need to work on cutting out the wheat free food that is still not healthy, such as the half a pint of Ben & Jerry's that Jared forced me and Mano to eat the other night - at least we shared it :) The reason I find it easy is that there is no hunger, or counting of calories, or weighing of foods, etc. Basically you eat from this list of foods:

Dairy (for me - some with actual Celiac may be intolerant)(Ice Cream is included in this list!)
Non-Wheat Grains/Starches (rice, potato, corn, buckwheat, beans, quinoa, etc.)

I haven't been hungry in any way shape or form, and I don't miss the wheat hardly at all. The biggest trick is to find it all, as it 'hides' in some things in the form of wheat starch, wheat malt (malt flavouring, malt vinegar), wheat germ,  wheat bran, etc.

What is off-limits?

Wheat (includes durum, semolina, flour, bulgur, kamut, graham, farina, spelt, einkorn, and others ).
Oats (b/c of cross contamination - you can by oats that are not contaminated, search on the web.) I don't know at this early stage if this matter that much to me or not.

Breakfast this morning (plain Greek yoghurt, blueberries, almonds, pecans):

Let me know if you decide to learn more...we can commiserate!

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