Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wonderful Break Through

I had a break through today on my family history chart. The fan chart I have written about already really shows you where work is needed to find these ancestors. One anemic area was on my mother's grandmother's maternal side...7 generations back and I was able to clarify and substantiate dates/relationships for 5th and 6th generations and find the 7th! I was so happy that I actually cried; buried my face into my sweater, and tears ran down. It meant a lot to me, and I am going to coax another generation out of there if I can. On that same great-grandmother's side - her father, there is hardly anything known in that line, so I'll start tackling that next. I am soooo thankful for the this work in my ward, b/c I was so 'fish out of water' before the call and now I have the dedicated time to do it. It's not terribly difficult, and it's so very rewarding. These people that have gone before have helped to shape us now - I am definitely (and I definitely can't spell definitely!) enjoying the journey. Here is a sample of one of the documents I found today - ages, and names for the entire family. These are what many of the documents that one looks through looks like, to find their ancestors.

Here is a photo of the beautiful light in the evening in front of our home - I am mesmerized nearly every evening (actually this photo is probably about 3 minutes too late) - and have waxed poetic in previous posts, but here it is again:

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