Friday, April 27, 2012

New Years...

It's not really New Years, but it is my 'New' that I have some plans for monthly ummm, I am loathe to say goals, for I am not a big fan of goals...I will call them objectives or ideals, to improve my life in many, many small ways. I have tons of ideas, and I have spread them, roughly, out over 12 months. You will see some of them here, as they emerge. I haven't decided everything, because that's how I work best, with a little bit of structure and a little bit of free-flow; if I begin too rigidly my ideas will fall by the wayside. In fact that is one of my main overall objectives, to be myself, to accept my own bits and work with them. These objectives aren't earth shattering, so you don't need to sit down for this:)

My inspiration is a book I am still reading, that I picked up on a's called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book is about her personal 'happiness' project. I enjoyed the book very much,  I really enjoyed reading about her journey, but I loved how it caused me to think of ways I could implement some of her and my own ideas to make my life a little richer; not to change my nature, that's not going to happen, nor is it necessary, but to make the everyday more fun, more engaged and more satisfying, as she says in her book (pg. 111). Gretchen Rubin explains it very well on page 19: "I am happy - but I not a happy as I should be. I have such a good life, I want to appreciate it more - live up to it better. I complain too much, I get annoyed more then I should. I should be more grateful. I think if I felt happier, I'd behave better." I knew what she meant...I love my life, and certainly the people in it, but I could live better, and I began to think that it could be done with only small changes that would have a big impact. My first caveat is that the very core of who I am, that makes me happy is to live with faith, to live in harmony with the teachings of the Saviour, and to do those things that build personal testimony such as reading the scriptures, prayer, living the commandments, and giving service to others. These are essential to my happiness and personal growth. These won't be mentioned muh but are assumed. My current endeavour is more related to the small things (though some may not be so small) that I can do to improve my daily life - which by extension will spill over onto my family, maybe, we'll see:)

So for the rest of this month, which is really only 3 days, I am 1. writing out my plans for the next 4-5 months, to get started; of course I can change them if I want, and 2.  playing up-beat music while I get ready in the morning. If I like it, I'll do it for the month of May also. I read scripture verses/General Authority excerpt and listen to a hymn every morning now, which is a great start to the day, but afterwards, when it's time to get moving, I'll turn up the volume a little! I may even sing and dance around. Jane knows I can and will do this:)

Some ideas for May - Do more...go and do, go swim, go walk, do some sewing, start an embroidery project, do my windows, clean up outside, ...go to Zumba, sew with Jen, play with the grand-kids. I am pretty good at 'doing' now, especially if it has to do with keeping up at home, but I can do even more. I might wear a pedometer for the month to see if I am actually 'doing' more (though some of this doing doesn't involve walking, but that's ok.). The idea is not to go nuts, but to be active. The next month may be to 'Do', read, write...but for May I want to 'Do'. Lastly, smile more. I've been getting ready for this one, kind of's an easy thing to tack on to my objectives for the month. In Ms. Rubins book, this section is her 'Boost Energy' section - and it makes sense. She tackles a lot more at once that I am for this month, but basically she says to "Act like I want to feel." Yup, that's what I'm after. She also did a lot of tossing, and organizing...I already have this in the bag, it's continual, so I'll just keep on doing that. I'm going to tackle the storage room, and Jen already said she'd help me:) It's easier to be active, I think, if your not weighed down.

I've seen this kind of thing before, on Royall's blog, she has done similar things over a few months, things like cutting out sugar, reducing possessions, making natural home remedies for things like moisturizer, and the like. Same with Sarra, adding healthful recipes, de-cluttering, learning poetry, implementing a culture of reading in her home. The possibilities are endless, I've done similar things over the years, but this effort will be specifically to boost general happiness - it can only be good!

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