Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just spent 45 min. with Jacob (4) on the phone; this is quite a record, because Jacob can be kind of quiet. He's the strong, silent type. I enjoyed every minute; he told me all about getting his warts 'burned' off, what we will play when he gets to my house, about his studying grasshoppers, and lot of other important stuff. He also told me that his pillow still says "Gramma loves you" when he lays down, and he said that one time it said it a 'google' times! We also talked about what kind of snacks he would like to have at Grammie's...apples, bananas, and chocolate smoothies. He also learned my phone number, in a snap. Each of the children learn my phone number at age 4 - he could have learned it sooner, but Charlie has been taking care of it for him, so we forgot. We got the job done today:) Jacob is the best.

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