Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Glorious Iran

Lunch at the villa, note the fesh fish from the Caspian Sea skewered and
bar-b-qued by Mohammad

A shepherd with his sheep, in the middle of a residential road in Kelardhasht

Colourful slippers that found their way into the Christmas gifts of most of the family. This stand of hand knitted slippers stood outside of an ice cream/bakery where we snacked on fresh cream puffs and ice cream.

Pictures taken from a place called Kelardasht, in the mountains south of Ramsar on the Caspian coast. It is actually a growing place, I could see the difference between this visit and the last time we were there; lots of new residential construction. It is a very cool place to be in the summer, compared to Tehran, or southern Arab countries like the Emirate, or Kuwait - so Kelardaht is a summer retreat.

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