Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Loyal Brothers

This is a giclee that Mark brought home from Laguna Beach, Ca for the family - for his brothers. The name on the boat is "Three Loyal Brothers" and it could have included "plus One Loyal Sister". I love the sentiment, and that Mark chose it to represent the relationship with his brothers, and our whole family. Tim said not too long ago, that we are a very loyal bunch, we Dehghani's. It's true; loyalty and trust are so very, very important, without it there is not much of real substance. Who care's how pretty or handsome you are, or how much money you make, or what your education is, or how hard you work; if you cannot be trusted with a tender heart, if you are not loyal to those you love. That is a lack that cannot be substituted by other worthy traits. These are necessities, and I love Mark for provoking me to think on this topic. It's been a topic very dear to me of late.

By the way, Tim is the essence of loyalty too, and so he makes an excellent Dehghani.

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