Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nail Polish Obsessions

I normally don't care about nail polish - it's a bit of a commitment. I am not one that could wear it while it slowly chips off, it either has to be 'on' or 'off' because I can't abide it when it looks messy, so anyway, that means that I have to be willing to keep it up. Which I now am...so here are my current favorites:

Lincoln Park at Midnight - this is not as red as it looks here, more a dark plummy colour.
It's the one on the left, 'Particuliere' that I am in love with...such a pretty color!!!! LOVE.
My Private Jet - also a fab colour. Love it too.

New Alice in Wonderland...a really vivid, heavily glittered blue...perfect summer toes:-)

You may think that is one...'Metro Chic' is similar to the Chanel 'Particuliere', but au contraire. Metro Chic is also a perfect muted color that looks really good on the nails, but it is slightly mauvier than the Chanel - which is a kind of soft grey brown. I love them both.

These are the colours de jour.


Sarra Eaton said...

did my mom just say "au contraire" - so fancy. anyone that knows me and discovers your blog will wonder, instantly, why I am so frumpy and boring when my mom is obviously dreadfully stylish. when are you going to start knitting doilies and collecting knick-knacks... I'll probably end up doing that stuff before you!

Elizabeth said...


I bought the CUTEST fabric for pillowcases for Jacob (red), and Charlie today...do they count as 'doilies'?