Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sun Burn

Every time we go on vacation to a sunny location, I feel like I will not never fails, that I spend the first day in ignorant bliss and the 2nd and 3rd day in pain. I use sunblock, but to no avail. I guess I am lucky in that it goes away quickly and from then on, can tan, but it's like clockwork - a nice sunburn every single time. I hate the way that it sets one apart from the locals...oh there goes a TOURIST, look how red her forehead is. Real nice. Then to secure the deal (as a tourist, I mean), I bust out a great phrase like...donde esta las playas? What's funny is that I often will lamely fill in a Spanish word that I don't the word for, with a Farsi word, in the insane hope that the Mexican person will know a mix of Persian, Spanish and English. It's comedy all day long here in Mazatlan, b/c hardly anyone speaks English, which surprised us somewhat.

We took the boat out for the first time today - it was wonderful. Only one of us suffered from a little greeness...I'll let you guess. It wasn't me:-) We were out to enjoy a beautiful ocean sunset, and then came in to the marina and walked to a nearby eatery, where we saw the coolest bathrooms we've ever seen. They were very 'cowboy' and super creative. Then we went to a gas station with a mini mart attached that stocked all their goods on library shelves - seriously, very swank. Tomorrow is a big sail and surf day...I cant wait.

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